Our Very Good Friends, Tim and Julie Tennent

We first met Tim and Julie Tennent in 1987 while they were serving as pastors of four small Methodist congregations in north-eastern Georgia. This was their first pastoral appointment. At the very first meeting, I knew that these were special people. Though very young and new in ministry, Tim and Julie impressed me with their spiritual maturity and love for the Lord and His Church. I still vividly remember going for very early morning prayer with Tim to one of the sanctuaries, just the two of us. It was February and very cold and the sanctuary was not heated! When I saw Tim kneeling and praying in that cold sanctuary at 5 AM or so I knew he was serious about serving the Lord.

The Church is a LifeSaver

What does hearing great Christ-centered preaching, canoeing in the Okefenokee swamp, spelunking in caves in North Carolina, riding horses with my friends, roasting marshmallows and performing impromptu skits by the fire, attending inspiring retreats at Camp Glisson, musical events at Lake Junaluksa, wood carving classes, and inspiring worship all have in common? They are just a few of the activities which filled my life growing up as a member of Grace United Methodist church in Atlanta, Georgia.