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How God Saves the World

In a world awash with mission statements, the Christian mission is increasingly becoming white noise, lost in a sea of marketing language and organizational best practices. How God Saves the World: A Short History of Global Christianity takes a look at the mission of the church in a way you…

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The Call to Holiness

The word holiness comes from the Hebrew word, kadash, which means “to separate” or “to set apart” or “to distinguish.” Holiness is central to the Christian understanding of the gospel, and we are called to be holy because of the simple fact that God is holy.

The meditations in The Call to Holiness: Pursuing the Heart of God for the Love of the World explore how God’s holiness is manifested within the larger framework of His self-revelation as found in the Bible and in our lives.

These short reflections demonstrate that holiness—along with all of God’s other amazing attributes—always informs who He is in all of His dealings with us. An examination of this important doctrine will lead us to a deeper relationship with God and one another, and ultimately, will affect how we live in the world.

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Ten Words, Two Signs, One Prayer: Core Practices of the Christian Faith

The Christian faith is rooted in both what we believe and how we are to live. Ten Words, Two Signs, One Prayer: Core Practices of the Christian Faith is an exploration of the practices and shared life which we celebrate together as Christians. It follows a long tradition of discipleship and catechesis in focusing on the Ten Commandments, the two sacraments of baptism and Communion, and the Lord’s Prayer. This book serves as the third, and final installment, in a series of books dedicated to catechesis. The earlier books, This We Believe! and Thirty Questions, focused on the Apostles’ Creed and the core beliefs of Christians. Together, these three volumes set forth the basic core of Christian discipleship. These are designed to be practical resources for a small group study, a guide for parents in training their children, a personal devotional guide, or a core sermon series for pastors.

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The Fulfillment: Jesus and the Old Testament

The Old Testament is both common and strange to many Christians. On one hand, it contains some of the most familiar stories known to us, while on the other hand, it can be intimidating and difficult to understand. However, to lack a basic knowledge of the Old Testament is a great hindrance to fully grasping how Jesus Christ fulfills ideals and expectations that were set in motion hundreds and thousands of years before.

Many stories of many leaders are woven into the Old Testament. In The Fulfillment: Jesus and the Old Testament, Timothy Tennent focuses on four—those of Adam, Abraham, Moses, and David—that are of such immense importance that every Christian must know how to relate to them.

Through the devotionals in The Fulfillment, you will come to appreciate the Old Testament more fully and see with even greater clarity the full power and revelation of Jesus Christ.

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THIRTY QUESTIONS: A Short Catechism on the Christian Faith

The word “catechism” comes from an ancient Greek word, and it means literally, “to echo.” Though catechism is an old word, we believe it’s time to reclaim it with renewed meaning. The work of the Church is that of faithfully echoing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the saving grace of the whole world. Thirty Questions: A Short Catechism on the Christian Faith translates the historic faith of the Church into a basic training resource for both believers and those yet to believe. Here you will find the very core and essence of the Gospel set in the framework of short questions and thought provoking responses. It’s a resource for a month of daily devotions, small group studies, and conversations around the family table.

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ThisWeBelieveCOVER.inddThis We Believe! Meditations on the Apostles’ Creed

In this insightful book, Dr. Timothy C. Tennent brings together a wealth of theological and biblical insight with years of practical experience in making disciples. Broken into twelve chapters, one for each of the great faith declarations of the Apostles’ Creed, this resource makes for an excellent introduction or refresher course on the essentials of the Christian faith. It works well for personal or group study as well as a congregation wide journey.

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AwakeningHolinessAwakening Holiness: A Call to the 21st Century Church

In the fall of 2010, Dr. Timothy C. Tennent, the eighth president of Asbury Theological Seminary, delivered a series of addresses which crystallized and captured nothing short of a clarion call to a new movement. Combining biblical exposition, theological insight and a stirring call to action, Tennent makes a compelling invitation for the people of God to rise up into fresh expressions of mission and worship befitting our calling to “spread scriptural holiness throughout the world.” This resource is “required reading” for leaders in the 21st century church. Though it will stretch many, this little book is also very accessible for the laity. Is a resource we want to see widely read and extravagantly spread.

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TranslatabilityoftheGospel.inddTranslatability of the Gospel

Dr. Timothy C. Tennent cuts to the core of the core of the spread of the Gospel in this incisive Seedbed short.  Taken from his first convocation address at Asbury Theological Seminary on September 10, 2009. It is one worthy of reading, re-reading and sharing. Available at

SevenKeysSeven Keys to Catechesis in the 21st Century

In this Seedbed Short, Dr. Timothy Tennent offers time tested wisdom on the ways the ancient practices of catechism can serve the Church in the 21st Century. Available at


worldchristianity3Theology in the Context of World Christianity: How the Global Church Is Influencing the Way We Think about and Discuss Theology

It’s no secret that the center of Christianity has shifted from the West to the global South and East. While the truths of the Christian faith are universal, new contexts bring new questions, new understandings, and new expressions. What does this mean for theology? Is the Christian faith not only culturally translatable, but also theologically translatable? Timothy Tennent answers this question with a resounding yes. Theological reflection is alive and well in the majority world church, and these new perspectives need to be heard, considered, and brought into conversation with Western theologians. Global theology can make us aware of our own blind spots and biases. Because of its largely conservative stance, global theology has much to offer toward the revitalization of Western Christianity. Tennent examines traditional theological categories in conversation with theologians from across the globe, making this volume valuable for students, pastors, missionaries, and theologians alike.

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invitation2Invitation to World Missions: A Trinitarian Missiology for the Twenty-first Century

This unique text is arranged in three parts according to the Trinity’s roles, relationships, and activity. Tennent questions whether missions as currently conceptualized is adequate and he challenges the reader by building the book around key theological foundations such as “mission dei” and the “new creation” vision for the global church. This volume will call and enable the reader to understand how missions is biblically and theologically basic to Christianity, and how missions is essential to living out an abundant and impassioned life.

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roundtable2Christianity at the Religious Roundtable: Evangelicalism in Conversation with Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam

In our contemporary setting, Christianity is faced with a different apologetic task than in ages past. Rather than being at the head of the table, Christianity now finds itself at a roundtable, dialoguing with competing faiths. This book offers a focused treatment that engages doctrinal challenges to Christianity from Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Students of world religions and missions will appreciate Tennent’s attempt to stimulate serious dialogue with competing world faiths.

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building-christianityBuilding Christianity on Indian Foundations

Although Brahmabandhav Upadhyay (1861- 1907) has been called the father of Indian Christian Theology no comprehensive study of his theology has been published. This book addresses this neglect and in the process demonstrates how this 19th century Indian continues to speak with relevance and power to the church today. In Building Christianity on Indian foundations, Dr Tennent explores the three major theological attempts made by Upadhyay to find an adequate foundation upon which an indigenous expression of Christianity in India might be built and flourish. This book, will take the reader on a powerful theological journey from the universal knowledge of God revealed through natural theology to the intricate philosophical arguments of great thinkers like Sankara and St Thomas Aquinas to the theological significance of some of the popular expressions of Indian culture in contemporary India.

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