Theology of the Body (2020)

Grace Filled Life

Our Bodies Fashioned as Icons of Holy Mysteries – Part 1 listen watch
Marriage as an Icon of Christ – Part 2 listen watch
Children as Icons of the Trinity – Part 3 listen watch
Singleness and Celibacy as Icons of the Eschaton – Part 4 listen watch
God’s Finger – Part 5 listen watch
This is My Body Given for You…Today – Part 6 listen watch
Racial Identity and Reconciliation in the New Creation – Part 7 listen watch
The Advertised and Objectified Body – Part 8 listen watch

The Grace Filled Life

Grace Filled Life

Embodying the Means of Grace – Part 1 listen watch
Christ the fountainhead of the means of Grace : the Incarnation as the Embodiment of Grace – Part 2 listen watch
The Church as a Means of Grace : The Universal Call and the Radical Transformation – Part 3 listen watch
Baptism as a Means of Grace: The Four Stories of Baptism – Part 4 listen watch
Eucharist as a Means of Grace : Real Presence in a World of Real Absence – Part 5 listen watch
The Lord’s Prayer as a Means of Grace : Our Family Prayer – Part 6 listen watch
Reading Scripture as a Means of Grace : The Sword of Truth – Part 7 listen watch
Works of Mercy as a Means of Grace – Part 8 listen watch
The Psalms as a Means of Grace: (with Mrs. Julie Tennent) – Part 9 listen watch
Worship as a Means of Grace – Part 10 listen watch

Biblical Vision for Body and Human Sexuality — St. Andrews Anglican Church Series


Let’s Go Back to the Beginning: Marriage as the Primordial Sacrament – Part 1 listen
The Body in Media and Sexuality in the Bible – Part 2 listen
Pastoral Concerns for Ministry in a Broken World – Part 3 listen

The Spirit Filled Life

Hebrews Series

A Sanctified and Spirit-filled Community – Part 1 listen watch
Cracking the Door Between Resurrection and Pentecost – Part 2 listen watch
Joel sees Pentecost: Power for Global Witness – Part 3 listen watch
Pentecost Revisited: Power for Bold Preaching – Part 4 listen watch
Receiving the Spirit: Crisis Event or Process? – Part 5 listen watch
Tolle, Lege. Tolle, Lege. – Part 6 listen watch
The Double Conversion of the Gospel – Part 7 listen watch
The Spirit Directed Church – Part 8 listen watch
Twelve Men and a Question – Part 9 listen watch

World Mission of the Church Series


Global Blessing in a Tiny Seed – Part 1 listen watch
Blessed to be a Blessing – Part 2 listen watch
God’s Promise is God’s Person – Part 3 listen watch
The Call to Disciple Nations – Part 4 listen watch
Discipling and Proclamation – Part 5 listen watch
Bearing Witness Unto Christ – Part 6 listen watch

Hebrews Series

Hebrews Series

A Theological Explosion – Part 1 listen watch
Standing in Christ Till the End – Part 2 listen watch
Jesus Christ the King-Priest – Part 3 listen watch
Jesus Christ, the Perfect Sacrifice – Part 4 listen watch

Theology of the Body Series


Let’s Go Back to the Beginning – Part 1 listen watch
The Echo of the Trinity – Part 2 listen watch
Man and Woman as Subject – Part 3 listen watch
Singleness and Celibacy for the Kingdom – Part 4 listen watch
The Dwelling of God is with Us – Part 5 listen watch
The Body in Art and Media – Part 6 listen watch
Pastoral Concerns – Part 7 listen watch

Old Testament Fulfillment Series


Adam: The Fall – Part 1 listen
Christ the Second Adam – Part 2 listen
God’s “Bottom Line” to Abraham – Part 3 listen
Abraham Meets the King – Priest Melchizedek – Part 4 listen
Jehovah Jireh – God will Provide – Part 5 listen
The Great Deliverer – God will Provide – Part 6 listen
Moses: The Great Lawgiver – Part 7 listen
Great David’s Greater Son – Part 8 listen

Mark Series


The Messiah Is Revealed – Mark Series Part 1 listen
The Chief Prosecutor Is Sacked – Mark Series Part 2 listen
Leprosy Flees Him – Mark Series Part 3 listen
The Temple is Here – Mark Series Part 4 listen
The Lord of the Sabbath is Here! – Mark Series Part 5 listen
Extravagant Sower – Mark Series Part 6 listen
The Indestructibility of Christ – Mark Series Part 7 listen
The Stronger Man is Here! – Mark Series Part 8 listen
The Three Mile-Per-Hour-God – Mark Series Part 9 listen
Rejection at Center, Mission at Edges – Mark Series Part 10 listen
The Miracle of the Manna – Mark Series Part 11 listen
The God Who Passes By – Mark Series Part 12 listen
The Boundaries of Grace – Mark Series Part 13 listen
God’s Dirty Hands – Mark Series Part 14 listen
A Second Touch – Mark Series Part 15 listen
Who Do Y’all Say I Am? – Mark Series Part 16 listen
Seeing Only Jesus – The Triple Transfiguration – Mark Series Part 17 listen
Kingdom Threats – Mark Series Part 18 listen
Marriage as Covenant – Mark Series Part 19 listen
You Must Die – Mark Series part 20 listen
The Last Convert – Mark Series part 21 listen
Finding Nothing but Leaves – Mark Series part 22 listen
The Rejected Cornerstone – Mark Series part 23 listen
Alone on the Cross – Mark Series part 24 listen
He is Risen – Mark Series part 25 listen


Missional Holiness in a Post-Christendom World listen
Perfecting Holiness – Personal Holiness listen
The Church is on Fire – Global Holiness listen
Gods Presence in the Temple – Corporate Holiness listen
The Error of Balaam listen
Christian Vigilance listen
Increasing and Abounding in Love listen


September 10, 2009 – The Translatability of the Christian Gospel listen
September 9, 2010 – Missional Holiness in a Post-Christendom World listen
September 6, 2011 – Our Mission to Theologically Educate listen
September 4, 2012 – “To Spread Scriptural Holiness”: The Recovery of Catechesis in a Post-Modern World listen
September 3, 2013 – En Route to Our Future listen
September 2, 2014 – Remembering Our Heritage: The Grand Wesleyan Vision listen
September 8, 2015 – Spreading Scriptural Holiness Throughout the World: The Global Vision of Asbury Seminary listen
September 6, 2016 – Homiletical Theology listen
September 5, 2017 – The Whole Bible for the Whole World listen
September 4, 2018 – A Sanctified and Spirit-filled Community listen
September 3, 2019 – Embodying the Means of Grace listen
September 8, 2020 – Wake up, O Sleeper listen