To change the pace a bit, I thought I would share a
poem I wrote reflecting on the great meta-narrative of the Gospel….


By Timothy C. Tennent

It is good, the first Day breaks,
It is finished, how it quakes.
In the garden, Tree does call,
Second garden, Life for all!

Life and breath he did bestow,
Given twice to us below.
Sin broke Day, defeating all,
Death is risen in the Fall.

Out of Egypt He did bring,
Covenant, and priest and King,
Temple built and ark secure,
Justice reigns and hope for poor.

Law is broken, idols reign
Back to slav’ry, infants slain
Waiting, longing, hope and fear,
Praying Yahweh will come near

Lo, He comes into our Time,
Second Man, oh how sublime!
On the Tree, he bore our gall,
Breaking chains, reversing Fall!

Life emerges, out of womb
Risen Life from empty tomb,
Lo, he comes, O how Hell shakes!
Life is ours, the Keys He takes!

Fire is falling, tongues set free,
Wind is blowing, loving Thee,
Babel’s broken, hear the sound
Praise and holiness abound!

On this rock, He builds us up,
Kingdom rising, lifted cup,
Twice born heralds, serving poor,
Praising Him forevermore!

Second coming, sky is rent,
Back to world, O He is sent.
On the throne, he reigns in sight,
Day has come, all is set right!

New creation, now with us,
City comes with righteousness!
Ever praising, sin no more,
His forever, we adore!
Meter:  77.77 D


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