Charge to Asbury Theological Seminary’s 2013 Graduates

If shepherd is used as a verb –  “to shepherd” –  it means to lovingly care for.  To shepherd is the opposite of “to abandon” or “to leave in danger”.   You are called to shepherd God’s flock.  Many of you will be pastors.  Love your flock enough to faithfully preach God’s word.  Don’t waste your precious sermon time on “bland fluff.”  Don’t work out your sermon on Saturday night.  No, let your sermons be the overflow of a life spent in God’s Word.    May those under your care never doubt that you have spent much time abiding in the presence of Christ.  Love your flock enough to spend time with them:  Listen to them in times of loss, comfort them in times of grief, and stand with them in times of trial.  Be a Shepherd of God’s flock.  Some of you are going forth as counselors, or teachers or missionaries or other ministries of the church.  You also go forth as ambassadors of Jesus Christ the Chief Shepherd.   May you shepherd those under your care and thus fulfill the law of Christ, which is love.
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