I was struck recently by an article in the national media about a 22 year old young student named Samantha Goudie who was arrested after attempting to enter a Northern Illinois -University of Iowa football game last weekend.  She registered a .341 blood alcohol content which is, apparently, one of the highest BOCs ever record.  […]

What Was the Purpose of the Priesthood and the Sacrificial System?

God established a priesthood out of the tribe of Levi (one of the twelve tribes of Israel) in order to mediate the Law and forgiveness of God to the people of God. The priests served as a constant reminder of the gravity of sin, the need for redemption, and the power of declared forgiveness. The […]

En Route to Our Future: Asbury Theological Seminary Convocation Address

5th Convocation Address Asbury Theological Seminary, 
Estes Chapel, September 03, 2013
 Florida-Dunnam Campus, September 05, 2013 Ben Meyer once wrote that “Christianity has never been more true to itself, more consistent with the message of Jesus, or more evidently in route to its own future than in the launching of the world mission of the […]

What Was the Purpose of the Law?

When God brought the people of Israel out of Egypt with “a mighty hand and an outstretched arm,” that deliverance from slavery to freedom became a central orienting event in the minds and hearts of God’s people. The Exodus was celebrated and remembered every year at Passover, and it became the focal point of their […]

Why Did God Call Abraham and Enter into a Covenant with Israel?

After humanity fell in the Garden of Eden and entered into rebellion, God began to unfold a plan of redemption. It involved two key features. First, God called a people to himself, entered into a covenant with them, and revealed his righteousness to them. The purpose of the covenant was to enter into a committed […]

What Is Sin and How Did It Enter into the Human Race?

Sin is all the ways we rebel against God and resist his work in the world. However, sin is not ultimately rooted in our disobedience to a set of commandments. Sin is, at its root, the sign of a broken relationship. We were created to live in perfect harmony with God and our neighbor. Sin […]

What Is the Purpose and Meaning of Life?

One of the most well-known catechisms in Christian history declared that the purpose of our existence is to “love God and to enjoy him forever.” It is one of the most famous and powerful statements about the purpose of life. If we only live for ourselves and our own enjoyment, we experience a nagging sense […]

What Does It Mean That We Are Created “In the Image of God”?

The idea that we are “created in the image of God” generally refers to three distinct capacities which have been granted to the human race. The first is a spiritual capacity. This means that we are meant to reflect his nature in the world. The image of God is like a mirror. We are to […]

Did God Create the World and the Human Race?

The Scripture reveals that God created the heavens and the earth in all its vast array. He created all things visible and invisible. There is nothing in the entire universe, including space and time, which does not have its origin in God’s being and creative acts. God is the first cause of everything. Christians have […]

What Is the Trinity?

Christianity, like all monotheistic religions, asserts that there is only one God. We do not believe in three Gods. However, Christianity is unique in our understanding that the one God exists in three eternal and personal distinctions known as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The church has used the word “Trinity” to capture this great […]