The West as the “fastest growing mission field in the world”

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Some readers of this blog may not know that I had a life as a missiologist before I became the President of Asbury Theological Seminary.  I had the privilege of teaching in the area of missiology for nearly two decades.  I have a long appreciation for the significance of the emphasis on unreached people groups and the transition from seeing missions as about “going to places” to “going to peoples.”  With the exponential rise in global relocation (both immigration and emigration) it is increasingly difficult to tie “peoples” to “places” as we once did.  It is therefore difficult to speak with a singular voice about the state of the church in a particular place, especially the United States which is marked by such diversity.  Certainly the ethnic churches in the United  States are among the fastest growing churches in this country and, by any standard of measurement, quite a few of these church planting movements could easily be declared to be “vibrant”…..

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  • Maria Clean says:

    Great post. Missiology is something I am rather interested in! Thanks

  • Kenton says:

    Do you know what question was asked to determine if someone responded the were a Christian?

  • I am currently team-teaching Introduction to Missiology at the ABC University in Yekepa, Liberia.
    I agree with Dr. Tennent that the West is the “fastest growing mission field in the world”.

    In all of Africa, we highly appreciate the West for giving us Chrsitianity, but we also are concerned why Christianily is declining in the West so fast.

    Those who showed us the right path to follow, are now gouing into the wrong direction.

    We know that the path the West had shown to us is good, if they are leaving the right path, we have to help them.
    It is about time for Africa and Asia to rise up and send missionaries to the West to help restore Christianity. The West led us to Christ, we must not let them fall.
    God used them as the means of extending the blessings of Abraham to us and now that we are blessed, we should in return bless the West!