Personal Reflections on Dr. Timothy Tennent and Julie Tennent

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Dear Asbury Theological Seminary Community,
Across nearly four decades in theological education, God has blessed us with scores of wonderful friends and colleagues. While we treasure each one of them, Tim and Julie Tennent claim a special place in our lives and affections. Although we certainly rejoice with everyone at Asbury as you welcome an amazingly gifted new president, we also want you to know how deeply Tim and Julie will be missed here at Gordon-Conwell. Quite simply stated, you have chosen two of our very finest colleagues and two of the most outstanding Christian educators we know.

The Asbury community will soon learn, as the Gordon-Conwell community has known for a long time, that Tim and Julie are lots of fun to be around. We have hiked together, gone bird watching together, eaten popovers together, enjoyed boat trips together, and shared a good many meals and wonderful conversations together. My wife Janie and I have enjoyed their company immensely and have often had our spirits lifted by their delightful sense of humor.

You will also discover that Tim and Julie are absolutely trustworthy. What they promise, they will do. What they tell you, you can believe. What they set out to accomplish, by God’s grace, they will complete.

The Asbury community will also learn, as we have, that Tim and Julie are enormously talented. Julie’s musical abilities, in fact, are nothing short of legendary up here in the Northeast. Not only does she teach and perform and compose music but her presence on the organ at our seminary chapel can lift an entire congregation to the very throne of God. Tim, of course, is no less talented – having demonstrated his remarkable abilities through his superb classroom teaching, his outstanding administrative skills, his remarkable scholarship, his powerful preaching and his godly leadership. And with all of these talents, he can also design and construct a beautiful deck for his Ipswich, Massachusetts house. Talk about omni competence!

Most important, of course, are Tim and Julie’s winsome Christian faith and deep love for Christ and His Church. Tim and Julie will broaden Asbury’s vision for reaching a needy world with the glorious Gospel, to be sure, but they will never overlook the needs of those individuals and institutions that are closer to home. In short, you are going to fall in love with this wonderful couple and their family. We send them to you with our very best wishes and continued prayers. May their coming mark a whole new era of faithful ministry in the history of one of our very finest seminaries.


  • Mike says:

    Very refreshing approach is the Global Church. Yes all need to be included; East and West.

    12 Apostles probably taught the same Gospels of God 12 different ways so that a Global Church would evolve. Any business would send out its salesmen in 12 different directions with 12 different pitches that are reasonable to that culture. Christians, in the beginning, might have heard The Jesus Story told differently by the 12 immediately after the time of the death of Jesus.

    Do scriptures, in fact, contrary to current understanding, reveal the twin associated with Apostle St. Thomas? Is the twin actually the Scientific Philosophy concerning the Jesus story. Was scientist Einstein right about Thomas? Was Apostle Thomas the one and only scientist in the Bible?”

    Isn’t it time to correct the mistake of the Nicene Council 350 years after Jesus died? Time to reconcile Western and Eastern Christianity and Science and gather into the flock scientists, atheistic, agnostics, and many others who cannot worship the Divine nature but only the human nature of Jesus and believe in only the Devine nature of God?

    The worship of multiple forms of God is a back slide to Polytheism. Before science surpasses traditional theological teaching, isn’t it time to join science and practice pure, perfect, demystified, believable Monotheism? The Word of God is no Mystery. The oneness of God is unquestionable.

    Jesus was born in pure perfect union with the Word of God. The Human Nature of Jesus, seed of David, son of man, was born a twin of the Gospel of God, the Word of God.

    Jesus was anointed by God with the Word at birth, a special power given by God or the Son of God. Hence the Adjective Christos, anointed with The Word, separated Jesus Christ apart from all the other people named Jesus in Jerusalem at that time. Similar to Joseph the Carpenter and Joseph of Arimathea. John 3:16. The only way is through Christ, the Word of God.

    Science was birthed in Europe during the Reformation. We desperately need to reconcile science and religion and include scientists in the Global Christian Church with a scientifically acceptable explanation of the Jesus Story. That philosophy doesn’t have to change the other 11/12ths, but practice within the new Global Christian Church.

    After all, 1/12th of the original Jesus stories appears to include a scientific approach. Scientifically, doubting Thomas was included.


  • Rebecca says:

    Too bad they gave their daughter away.